Red Apollo – Altruist

Albumtrailer für Red Apollo aus Dortmund. Artwork von Sascha Voss. Rest von mir via AfterEffects und zwei Kannen Kaffee in einer längeren Nachtschicht.

„Altruist“ is the direct follow-up work of Red Apollo’s 2012 debut „Marche Funèbre“ which already proved the band’s sensitiveness for filthy walls of sound in symbiosis with well accentuated melodies and monolithic structures. Made up of almost 60 minutes of brand new material, Red Apollo are once again pushing the limits of extreme music on their new record into a unique evolving artistic vision. Yet not just on a musical level but also lyrically, the band consistently explores the depths of hurtful aspiration and interpersonal devotion to guide the listener on this melancholic and crushing ten song trip. Altruist“ is set to be released on vinyl, compact disc and digital formats by Alerta Antifascista and Moment of Collapse on the 27th of March 2015.“

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